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With so many academic demands placed on young children today, play and the joy of creativity is no longer a meaningful part of the classroom experience. Our mission is to preserve childhood by empowering and equipping early childhood educators and parents to become intentional in their practices. We are play advocates, setting out to enhance children’s ability to think imaginatively, see solutions, and find adventure and excitement in play.

Miriam Beloglovsky

Miriam Beloglovsky, is the founder of Play Equity and professor of early childhood education at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, California, Public Speaker and book author. Her college teaching experience covers courses in child development, infant and toddler development, children with special needs, curriculum and interactions in early childhood education, child family and community, culture and diversity, adult supervision and mentoring, and learning environments. She has served as department chair and as the regional coordinator of the California Early Childhood Mentor Program.

Prior to becoming a full time faculty, she served as director of foster care education at Los Angeles Mission College, where she implemented foster care education and independent living courses for foster parents and foster youth. Miriam spearheaded the Pacoima Community Collaborative to form the THRIVE Family Development Network, and served as evaluator and consultant for the program. She is a strong advocate for children, youth and families. She has served as a board member to a number of organizations and conferences. As Vice President of Public Policy and Programing for the California Community Colleges Early Childhood Educators (CCCECE), she represented the association in the development of the California Preschool Foundations and Curriculum Alignment Project. She currently serves as academic adviser for the Center of Gravity in Pleasant Hills, California.

She has been a keynote speaker, and presented numerous workshops on child development, loose parts, play, and early learning. She has also led community building and leadership training for non-profit organizations and community agencies. Before embarking on her Journey as an early childhood educator and play advocate, Miriam was a newscaster, weather reporter, and media executive in Los Angeles, California. She is co-author of Loose Parts: Inspiring Play in Young Children, Early Learning Theories Made Visible, and Loose Part 2: Inspiring Play with Infants and Toddlers. Loose Parts 3: Inspiring Culturally Sustainable Environments. Beloglovsky received a BA in Radio, Television and Film, an MA in early childhood education, and an MA in marriage, family and child counseling from California State University, Northridge.

Miriam Beloglovsky